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Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—ISIL falls back, Erdogan’s new gig, Buzzfeed financing, App Store fixes

Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

What to watch for today

Quiet again in Gaza. A new 72-hour ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, brokered by Egypt, began at 9pm GMT on Sunday.

Tata Motors is buoyed by its luxury brands. Sales of Jaguar and Rover are expected to contribute to higher profit at India’s biggest auto manufacturer. Tata’s domestic performance has been shaky, but it’s betting on a new compact sedan to give it a boost.

Liberia’s healthcare system is “overwhelmed” by Ebola. The viral outbreak centered in Liberia has killed nearly 1,000 people. Patient Zero was a two-year-old boy in Guinea.

A central bank deadline looms. The US Federal Reserve has given interested parties until today to comment on a proposal to modify the start dates for capital planning and stress testing under the Dodd-Frank Act.

Over the weekend

Erdogan is changing jobs in Turkey. The current prime minister, who is barred from seeking another term, won the country’ first-ever national presidential election, and said he has plans to expand the powers of the traditionally titular presidency.

ISIL faced military retaliation in Iraq… Kurdish forces regained two towns after US planes attacked vehicles and positions held by the Islamic militants (paywall). Meanwhile, Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki rejected US calls to form a more inclusive government, instead opting to deploy tanks in Baghdad.

…As Asian governments warned of its influence. Malaysian and Indonesian counter-terrorism officials warned that Southeast Asian Muslim populations are being recruited to join ISIL and commit terrorist acts in their home countries.

John Kerry ended a two-day visit to Burma. The US secretary of state urged more democratic reforms as he visited the formerly isolated nation, which hosted the ASEAN Regional Forum. Kerry also called for China and its neighbors to urgently and peacefully address their disputes in the South China Sea.

Kinder Morgan announced a major restructuring. The US energy pipeline giant will spend $71 billion consolidating its partnership structure to become a traditional corporation (paywall) worth around $140 billion—the third largest in the US energy sector.

A $50 million fundraising round for Buzzfeed. The online publisher scored new financing from venture capital firm  Andreessen Horowitz, for a reported valuation of about $850 million. Buzzfeed will use the money to expand its video production unit and open new offices outside the United States.

A threat to Captain America. Amazon stopped selling pre-orders of Walt Disney blockbusters, including the latest superhero movie in the Marvel franchise, in an echo of Amazon’s aggressive tactics against book publisher Hachette.

Quartz obsession interlude

Zainab Mudallal on how it’s tech savvy is all downhill from your mid-teens. “Digital savviness peaks sometime between the ages of 14 and 15, and then drops gradually throughout adulthood, before falling rapidly in old age.” Read more here.

Matters of debate

Everything you know about Ebola is wrong. The good news is that the outbreak will eventually burn out.

Women who “lean in” leave engineering careers sooner. A study blames inhospitable work climates.

Legal ivory markets must be closed. No matter how tightly regulated, they do nothing to protect elephants.

Human curators can fix Apple’s App Store. Algorithms on their own create a lousy shopping experience.

Happiness is not attainable. Thinking that it is will make you miserable.

Surprising discoveries

Wyoming has a “trap cave” filled with bones. Tens of thousands of dead animals are piled at least 10 meters (32.8 feet) deep.

John Lennon wrote “Come Together” for Timothy Leary. The LSD guru was running against Ronald Reagan to be governor of California.

A-bomb tests were a tourist draw in 1950s Las Vegas. It was a “spectator culture tinged with both profound fear and Sin City delight.”

Scientists turn cigarette butts into electrical storage. Ground-up filters serve as the basis for a new super-capacitor.

The world’s oldest eel has died at the age of 155. He lived in a Swedish family’s well for many generations.

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