See how Obama’s victory developed on sites from the Times to Xinhua

US Election
US Election

The US presidential election looked a little different depending on where you were getting your news. Below, see how coverage of Obama’s victory progressed on five big news sites. The screenshots for these animated GIFs were pulled from PastPages, a tool by Ben Welsh, a reporter at the Los Angeles Times. And if you can’t get enough, here’s a collection of 108 news homepages from election night.

The New York Times

The paper of record held off on calling the race for a while but then moved to a punchy banner headline.


The Huffington Post

Brief, splashy headlines captured the night perhaps better than anyone.


Drudge Report

Matt Drudge held out hope for a Romney victory, then focused on the popular vote when the Electoral College turned in Obama’s favor.



China’s official news agency noted the election, then prominently displayed Obama’s victory, before moving on to its own leadership transition: the 18th party congress, which begins on Nov. 8.


Al Jazeera

Obama’s win was big news for the Qatar-based news outlet.

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