Twelve important new charts that tell the story of the global economy

China’s industrial economy showed signs of slowing down

…as the Chinese housing market showed more deterioration


And China has weighed on commodity suppliers like Chile, where growth is slowing

A slight decline in orders from China also slowed Taiwanese exports

Elsewhere in Asia, growth in Thailand returned after the May coup

And Japan continues to run deep trade deficits, in a departure from decades of policy

Meanwhile, in the US, inflation is still tame

…amid ongoing improvement in the housing sector

…and persistently weak wage growth

Across the pond, a similar slump in wages has kept British retail sales slow

…and even surging London house prices seemed to pause

Caution continues to reign in Europe, amid uncertainty in Ukraine and a deflation scare. Investors have snapped up government bonds in a rush for safety that has even pushed shorter maturity German bonds into negative territory.



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