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A Boeing Dreamliner.
Reuters/Robert Sorbo
But where would you park 563 of them?

Alibaba is worth 563 Dreamliners and more than two Bill Gates

Heather Timmons
By Heather Timmons

White House correspondent

The Chinese internet giant Alibaba’s opening share price of $68 a share gives the Chinese e-commerce company an initial market value of $167.6 billion, larger than Boeing or Walt Disney. It may be worth a lot more than that after the stock starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange, where floor traders tell Quartz that a very strong opening could push the stock to $88 a share or higher.

Here are a few things that are worth approximately as much as Alibaba, based on the initial pricing:

  • Seven major billionaires: The Waltons, plus Russia’s richest man. The combined wealth of the six members of the Walton family who control Walmart is $149 billion, while the steel and tech titan Alisher Usmanov is worth $19 billion, according to Forbes latest billionaires list.
  • The gross domestic product of Vietnam.
  • A huge fleet of Dreamliners: 563, to be exact. The 787-10, Boeing’s longest Dreamliner, costs $297.5 million.
  • The combined 2013 defense spending of the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. The Middle East spent $142 billion on defense last year, according to SIPRI, and Sub-Saharan Africa spent $18.7 billion.
  • A fifth of the US’s credit card debt. Americans owe $880.5 billion on credit cards.
  • More than two Bill Gates. America’s richest man’s fortune is estimated at $70 billion.



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