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This week in photos: Lights in India, rockets in Gaza, and more

AP Photo / Khalil Hamra
Nov. 14, 2012. Rebels take a break from fighting to play foosball in their base in on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria.
Getty Images / Giorgio Cosulich
Nov. 14, 2012. Italian police rally against protestors in Rome during a national general strike against austerity policies in Europe.
Getty Images / Jordan Pix
Nov. 13, 2012. Jordanian men protest in Amman after the prime minister announced rising oil prices to offset $5 billion in state losses.
Getty Images / Mario Tama
Nov. 13, 2012. A woman steps down from a boardwalk damaged by Hurricane Sandy in the Rockaway neighborhood of New York City.
Getty Images / Paul Kane
Nov. 13, 2012. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enjoy afternoon tea during annual Australia-US ministerial consultations in Perth, Australia.
Getty Images / Kaung Htet
Nov. 12, 2012. A monk clears debris from a destroyed pagoda after a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck in the Mandalay division of Myanmar.
Getty Images / Paula Bronstein
Nov. 11, 2012. An Akha ill tribe woman picks tea leaves during harvest at the Suwirun Tea farm in the hills outside of Chiang Rai, Thailand.
Getty Images / Uriel Sinai
Nov. 16, 2012. A women sits in a car reading and using her cell phone next to a tank in Kiryat Malachi, Israel, as Israeli troops mass at the border of the Gaza Strip.
AP Photo / Majdi Mohammed
Nov. 15, 2012. A Palestinian demonstrator runs through a cloud of tear gas during clashes with Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip.
EPA / Raminder Pal Singh
Men light lamps near the sacred pond of the illuminated Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, in celebration of Diwali.
EPA / Oliver Weiken
Nov. 16, 2012. A smoke column rises over the northern Gaza Strip after an Israeli airstrike.
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