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This year’s holiday gift for America’s unemployed: seasonal jobs

Holiday shoppers on Black Friday
AP Photo/Julie Jacobson
Injecting some energy back into the brick-and-mortar experience.
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

US retailers are poised to add upwards of 800,000 temporary jobs this holiday season, a total not seen since the middle of the dot-com boom, in 1999.

The increase in seasonal hiring is further evidence that, little by little, the US economy is regaining its footing since the recession. In 2008, retailers added only 325,000 jobs during the holiday season.

Consumers are likely to spend $72.4 billion online this year, a 16% increase over last year’s holiday season, according to eMarketer. Overall retail sales will be $862.5 billion, good for a 5% increase. The rising popularity of e-commerce sites has added to the hiring surge—Amazon will add 80,000 holiday workers to bolster staff at warehouses and distribution centers.

Here are some of the other retailers and delivery companies that will add a bevy of temporary jobs for the holiday shopping season:

  • Kohl’s will hire more than 67,000 workers, a third more than last year.

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