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More than half of Brits vote to ditch the EU

AP Images / Thomas Lohnes
Brits vote no to EU

The UK’s Observer posted the results of a poll over the weekend showing that 56% of Brits favored quitting the European Union (EU), while 30% said they would stay put, and 14% didn’t know. The results were further broken down by party.

Here’s which voters want to leave the EU versus stay: 

Conservative: 68% versus 24%

Labour: 44% versus 39%

Liberal Democrats: 39% versus 47%

Overall, only 28% of those surveyed think the EU is a “good thing,” while 45% think it’s a “bad thing”. Younger Brits were among the most supportive, with 44% saying that EU membership is a good idea. 25% were against.

The results come as David Cameron, the UK’s prime minister, prepares for a Brussels summit on Thursday to agree to a seven-year budget. He had planned to request a spending freeze, but some members of his own Conservative party and the Labour party have called for cuts to EU spending—which no other nation is likely to endorse.

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