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Mercedes-Benz’s new SUV is basically a giant solar panel

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code: Das Showcar wurde vom Lifestyle und den digitalen Kulturen der zeitgenössischen chinesischen Gesellschaft inspiriert. Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code: A sporty crossover show car, inspired by the lifestyles and digital cultures of contemporary Chinese society.
The world’s sexiest solar panel.
By Zach Wener-Fligner
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

The Vision G-Code, Mercedes Benz’s latest concept car, looks worthy of a high-tech superhero. It has a holographic grill, suicide backseat doors, and rearview cameras.

But that’s not what makes it interesting.

What sets the Vision G-Code apart is the paint job. It’s something Mercedes calls “multi-voltaic silver”—paint that doubles as a solar panel, turning the car into a generator while running. It also generates electrostatic power via wind when standing still.

For now, the Vision G-Code is a concept car; multi-voltaic silver doesn’t actually exist yet. But the technologies behind it—paint-on solar panels and electrostatic wind energy conversion—are being developed, and Mercedes is ready to use them.

As the company waits for science to catch up to imagination, here are some visuals of the Vision G-Code:


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