This 8-year-old’s passionate speech about books is the best thing on the internet today

Cars can’t go without gas. Our brains can’t go without books.
Cars can’t go without gas. Our brains can’t go without books.
Image: WKYC/YouTube screenshot
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Meet Madison Reid, a third-grader from Cleveland, Ohio. She loves books.

Madison was being interviewed by local NBC affiliate WKYC about Little Free Library, an American non-profit organization that promotes literacy and a love of reading by setting up mini libraries that act as free book exchanges. “We have a book, but we also give a book,” Madison says. “We both win.” Madison’s mother, Tracy, is a steward for one of the libraries in the Cleveland area.

Madison’s speech comes at time when book reading has experienced a bit of a renaissance in the US. Millennials are reading more than older generations, independent book stores are alive and well, and e-books are empowering people to read even more than they already were.

Here’s a transcript of Madison’s speech, because you know you wanted one. Given her way with metaphors, she’s probably taking her own good advice.

The world needs books. What would the world be like without books? They fuel our mind like cars and gas. The cars can’t go without gas; our brains can’t go without books. The world needs books. We…need books. It would break my heart if one book was lost. Just a page, just a word, just a letter was gone, I would be heartbroken. What would the world do without books? The world would be empty! It would be empty, like a bucket without water. Like a brain without knowledge. Like a file cabinet without papers. We need books. The world would be black and white without books. The world would be blank without books.