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The Umbrella Movement sets “glitter traps” for the cops clearing its protest site

Quartz/Lily Kuo
Warning: May cause fabulousness.
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters seem largely resigned today to being evicted from the main protest site they have occupied for more than 70 days, but they’re not going out without a bang. A group of several hundred demonstrators are holding a sit-in and expect to be arrested, and another group has slyly left behind huge piles of glitter, presumably so that it will cling to the police and bailiffs that are clearing the barricades.

The glitter starts outside the main protest site in the thruway by the Hong Kong MTR subway, and covers all six lanes of Harcourt Road.

Lucas Wong, 23, a computer repair technician, was sitting among the piles of glitter near the protest site’s main stage. He said the tiny, colorful particles were brought to the site yesterday at about 11pm by parties unknown.

“It might be someone on the net who wants to support us,” he told Quartz. “They quietly left many bags on the ground. It adds a beautiful touch to the site.”

Update, 4:30pm HK: The police are sweeping up the glitter. This officer is gonna need a bigger broom:

Quartz/Zheping Huang

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