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Justin Bieber and the Kardashians are among the biggest losers of the Instagram Rapture

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill
That selfie isn’t going to be as popular as he thinks.
By Sonali Kohli
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Instagram may have bruised plenty of egos this week, when the photo-driven social network took action to remove inactive and fake accounts, in the process diminishing many people’s follower counts.

Wb developer Zach Allia, the founder of 64 Pixels, looked at the 100 users with the most followers as of Dec. 17, and how many users they had lost by Dec. 18, covering the time that Instagram seems to have conducted the purge. Of the users who had the highest number of followers as of Wednesday, here are the ones who lost the most in what’s been dubbed the “Instagram Rapture“:

Instagram’s own account lost the most followers, probably at least in part because of all the people who angrily unfollowed in protest, according to the Verge. And we don’t know who chiragchirag78 is—that account no longer exists and lost 99.9% of its followers. But most of the others on the top 20 chart are celebrities. Justin Bieber lost more than 3.5 million followers, and the Kardashian women combined lost about 4.6 million combined followers (though some of those may overlap).

Quartz has reached out to Instagram for a comment, and will update the post if we hear back. The company announced earlier this year that it would be removing “spam, fake accounts and other people and posts that don’t follow our Community Guidelines.”

Here’s what some of the inactives have been missing:

Justin Bieber has an artsy side. Note the black and white filter use, and the intense gaze.

He also would have taught you to dribble and make a shot, as long as no one’s really defending you.

But in the end, don’t worry about Bieber too much, as he still has 20.3 million followers.

To the 2.46 million account owners no longer following Akon: If he goes skydiving again, you’re going to miss out.

And 1.3 million fewer users will be seeing #TBTs from Kim Kardashian.

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