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Russia parties the latest on New Year’s Eve, while China and Israel turn in the earliest

Revellers enjoy the countdown to New Year celebrations in Moscow's Red Square December 31, 2013. REUTERS/Tatyana Makeyeva
Reuters//Tatyana Makeyeva
Revellers enjoy the countdown to New Year celebrations in Moscow’s Red Square December 31, 2013. REUTERS/Tatyana Makeyeva
By Alice Truong
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

If 2013 is any indication, Russians are going to have a great time this New Year’s Eve. Moscow and St. Petersburg topped Jawbone’s list of cities that stayed up latest on Dec. 31 last year.

The maker of wearable activity monitors looked at data showing when its users went to sleep on New Year’s Eve, grouped by geography.

Jawbone data scientist Brian Wilt attributes Russians’ ultra-late-night celebrations on New Year’s Eve to tradition. As a result of Christmas being banned in the Soviet era, many Russians celebrate the holiday as well as the new year on Dec. 31.

Jawbone says its users in China and Israel on average go to bed earliest on New Year’s Eve. In Beijing and Shanghai, the Chinese went to sleep at 12:42am last New Year’s Eve. Hong Kongers fell asleep at 1:44am. The company did not break out data for Israel.

Though Russians and Ukrainians partied until close to 4am last year, it was a different story in the US. One-third of the population hit the sack before midnight rolled around, and bedtimes for the west coast were especially early, according to Jawbone. In Pasadena, the Los Angeles suburb that hosts the Rose Parade, 47.9% of Jawbone users were asleep by midnight.

Moscow, Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia
Kiev, Ukraine
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Madrid, Spain
Santiago, Chile
Barcelona, Spain
Warsaw, Poland
Mexico City, Mexico
Paris, France
Hamburg, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Rome, Italy
Istanbul, Turkey
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Astoria (Queens), NY, USA
Vienna, Austria
Stockholm, Sweden
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

That’s not to say all Americans turn in early. Astoria, a neighborhood in Queens, was the only US locale to make Jawbone’s list of latest partiers, coming in at No. 16. Manhattan (1:59am), Brooklyn (2:11am), and the Bronx (2:21am) trailed Astoria (2:38am) for the latest bedtimes in the US last year.

And if you’re curious how they’re ringing in the new year, 2013’s blood alcohol content readings might give you a clue. New Year’s Eve was when users of one consumer breathalyzer device posted the highest average blood-alcohol content of the year.

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