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The most pirated movie of 2014 was about theft

Reuters/Fred Prouser
Not that kind.
By Sonali Kohli
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

The most pirated movie of the year in the US wasn’t about independent-minded cartoon princesses, or about an attempt to kill the dictator of North Korea. No, the movie that Americans chose to illegally download the most was, appropriately, a film about debauchery and breaking the law and reveling in it—that film was the Wolf of Wall Street.

Frozen was a very close second, though. That’s according to numbers reported by Variety, based on an analysis from the piracy tracking company Excipio [via Time].

The data accounts for Jan. 1 through Dec. 23. Of course, The Interview was released at the end of the year, so it has plenty of time to become next year’s most pirated film.

The movies that were pirated most don’t necessarily overlap with the ones most popular at US box offices this year. That’s partly because 10 of the 20 most pirated movies were released in 2013. The summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy was 2014’s top-grossing movie according to Box Office Mojo, but it does not make the list of the most pirated movies.

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