The secret weapon for selling cotton candy around the world: amazing dance moves

How did three men on three different continents discover the irresistible combination of street-side cotton candy sales (also known as candy floss), neon lights, and funky dance moves?

The concept of simultaneous multiple discovery—as with the invention of calculus by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz—is one possibility. Or maybe these guys came across each other’s videos on YouTube, like we did. But either way, they should think about starting a union.

Anonymous vendor, unknown Chinese city (possibly Shanghai)

This video was uploaded by Shanghai resident Anderson Xu, but nothing else is known about the vendor, other than his affinity for dubstep and his impressive slow-mo skills.

David Shtorm, Russia

The man who calls himself the “Candy King” is fond of Michael Jackson.

He is also against smoking.

Anonymous vendor, Virginia Beach, United States

Little is known about this practitioner of the art. His moves are a bit unpolished—watch as he comes alarmingly close to hitting a little kid in the face.

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