The 12 most important economic charts of the week

All eyes continue to be on Europe this week after the Swiss National Bank shook things up. An ocean away, the US economic recovery continues.

The Swiss National Bank cut its key interest rate for the second time in a month…


…and unpegged the franc from the euro

How-many-euros-it-takes-to-buy-on-Swiss-franc-How-many-euros-it-takes-to-buy-on-Swiss-franc_chartbuilder (1)

Oil prices are still falling, though not as quickly

Futures-price-for-a-barrel-of-crude-oil-West-Texas-Intermediate-Brent_chartbuilder (4)

The International Energy Agency cut its outlook for oil production amid falling demand


Inflation is still slowing in the US as energy prices plummet

Annual-change-in-US-consumer-prices-Overall-Core-Food-Energy_chartbuilder (1)

…as it is in the UK


Meanwhile, Europe is dealing with deflation


The Chinese trade surplus is growing


US retail sales cooled off in December despite all the cheap gas


There were almost as many US job openings in November as at any point this century

US-job-openings-in-millions-Data_chartbuilder (1)

US consumers are feeling pretty good

University-of-Michigan-consumer-sentiment-index-University-of-Michigan-consumer-sentiment-index_chartbuilder (7)

And so are US businesses

NFIB-small-business-optimism-Index-NFIB-small-business-optimism-Index_chartbuilder (2)
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