Facebook has 1,200 new openings—and not just in social media

The world’s biggest social media company is rapidly growing its headcount. According to a Reuters report, Facebook is aiming to add 1,200 employees—which would represent a 14% increase to its current workforce—judging by openings listed on its jobs site.

Facebook has grown rapidly since its beginnings. Still, the company is relatively lean, with 8,300 employees, compared with Google’s 55,000 and Microsoft’s 127,000.



So what are all those new folks going to work on?

Plenty. There’s Oculus Rift, the much-touted virtual reality device startup Facebook bought for $2 billion last year, and all the technical and logistical challenges that come with this first venture into consumer hardware. And then there is the Facebook Connectivity Lab which, similar to Google’s Project Loon, plans to bring faster internet—and of course, access to Facebook—to billions worldwide via solar-powered drones.

Of course, the company also will continue to hire employees who are focused on its namesake product and the technical infrastructure needed to support it. But as others have pointed out, Facebook needs to branch out if it wants to stay relevant.

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