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Expedition 45 Jedi
As if astronauts could get any cooler.

NASA’s wackiest expedition posters in all their glory

By Adam Epstein

From our Obsession

Space Business

The private sector is heading out of the atmosphere.

The force is strong with Commander Scott Kelly and the rest of the 45th Expedition to the International Space Station, as their Jedi-themed promo poster, above, makes quite clear.

Quartz has previously detailed the strange rituals that send astronauts to the ISS, but we have failed to mention one crucial aspect: Every expedition is heralded with its own unique promotional poster, often parodying popular movies. They are incredible.

The promo posters are part of NASA’s Space Flight Awareness group, which aims to “increase awareness of the Space Flight Program accomplishments, milestones and objectives with a focus on safety and mission success.” We’re not sure how astronauts pretending to be pirates helped keep them safe—but we’re sure glad they pretended to be pirates.

Here is NASA’s full archive of the posters, starting with Expedition 1 in 2000 and going all the way to our Jedi friends in Expedition 45, slated to begin in September. Below are some of our favorites:

All images are credited to NASA.

Expedition 42 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Expedition 42, 2014
Expedition 31 Transformers
Expedition 31, 2012
Expedition 30 Pirates of the Caribbean
Expedition 30, 2012
Expedition 26 Beatles
Expedition 26, 2011
Expedition 23 Reservoir Dogs
Expedition 23, 2010
Expedition 21 Star Trek
Expedition 21, 2009
Expedition 16 Matrix
Expedition 16, 2008
Expedition 45 Jedi
Expedition 45, 2015


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