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The future of sports replays is watching the game through your hero’s eyes

Reuters/Lucy Nicholson
See it from his point of view.
By Leo Mirani
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

What if you could watch an instant replay of a fast-break dunk from the point of view of LeBron James? Or see what it feels like to be soccer star Lionel Messi zipping across the field and scoring a goal from just outside the box? Or see absolutely nothing at all and experience the soul-crushing disappointment of being an England cricket player?

FirstV1sion, a Spanish start-up, thinks it is possible to bring the first-person point-of-view cameras from motorsport—where they are mounted on the car rather than on the driver—to regular sports. Players wear a special vest loaded with sensors and a slim camera at the front, which goes under the team jersey.

Already funded by Telefonica, which owns a 7% stake, and Andrés Iniesta of Barcelona football club and Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, FirstV1sion is now seeking €2.5 million ($2.65 million) in equity through a crowdfunding site.

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