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A better view on efficiency

Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Imagine cutting your vehicle’s fuel consumption by 20% and upgrading its interior to an unprecedented degree. If you’re Boeing, you don’t have to imagine. Their new 787 Dreamliner has done just that, exceeding the expectations of both engineers and passengers alike.

Before its launch, engineers estimated that the Dreamliner would burn 20% less fuel than its predecessor, the 767. ANA’s launch route between Frankfurt and Tokyo proved just that. The prodigious savings hardly comes at a cost to comfort or performance. In fact, passenger satisfaction on the intercontinental route increased due to the Dreamliner’s refreshing environment that includes improved air quality and cabin pressure, dynamic lighting, and the largest windows in market. The Dreamliner also utilizes Smooth Ride Technology, a new Boeing feature exclusive to the 787 that senses and counteracts turbulence for improved stability.

As fuel prices continually climb, the 20% fuel-savings is one giant step towards a bigger bottom line. And that, coupled with its unparalleled ambience, is a combination that bodes well for the future of Boeing and passengers’ satisfaction.

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