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Passengers are seen in an airport hall during the warning strike of German air carrier Lufthansa ground personnel at the Fraport airport in Frankfurt, April 22, 2013. Lufthansa passengers faced chaos on Monday after the airline cancelled virtually all of its flights in Germany due to a strike by staff over pay. Overall, around 1,700 flights will be cancelled, Lufthansa said.
Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach
Quartz status.

Podcast: How airlines use data to charge more—and how fliers are fighting back

By Tim Fernholz

Update, 6.12.15: The podcast has now launched, and you can listen or subscribe to Actuality in iTunes.

Quartz and Marketplace are collaborating on a new podcast. It’s still in preview mode, but we’re releasing the latest episode for your enjoyment and feedback.

This week, how airlines use data to set ticket prices, how fliers can find the cheapest seats, and the push to make the whole travel experience a little nicer. Plus, a new bug spray from NASA.

Hosts Tim Fernholz and Sabri Ben-Achour are joined by roving Quartz reporter David Yanofsky, who is obsessed with all things flying; Aktarer Zaman, the creator of travel site; and Jayme Porkoláb, an executive at Sabre Airline Solutions.

Please send us your thoughts on the episode and suggestions for what we should discuss in the future. You also can listen to preview episodes on kidney markets,  digital piracysuper batteries and ocean extinction, and, soon, so very soon, subscribe to future episodes wherever fine podcasts are distributed.

Tim Fernholz
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