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A Google engineer killed on Everest photographed some of the world’s highest peaks for “Street View”

AP Photo/Nima Namgyal Sherpa
Everest base camp two days after the avalanche.
  • Heather Timmons
By Heather Timmons

White House correspondent

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

Climber and Google engineer Dan Fredinburg was among the more than a dozen people killed when an avalanche swept through Mt. Everest base camp this weekend, triggered by the massive earthquake that killed thousands across Nepal.

Part of Google’s privacy organization, Fredinburg also co-founded the Google Adventure team, to “translate the Google Street View concept into extreme, exotic locations,” particularly at high altitudes, capturing views and vistas that most people never see in person. He was part of a team of “regular Googlers that actually climbed these mountains to capture this stunning photography,” as he wrote in March of 2013 on the company’s blog, inviting readers to “Explore Everest, Kilimanjaro and more.”

“If tall mountains are your thing, you’re in luck,” he wrote.

In 2011, Fredinburg was part of a five person Google team that explored Everest’s base camp, and uploaded the 12 day trip to Google Maps and Google Street View, which now includes panoramic, interactive views of the base camp itself, including the climbers’ memorial there.


Fredinburg also traveled to the summit of Russia’s Mt. Elbrus, where you can see a 360 degree-view from the top of the 18,500 foot mountain:

Google maps

Desk-bound mountain lovers can also take a look around at the 19,000-foot Uhuru peak, part of Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro.

On his last trip, he was recording climate change hotspots, like at the Everest Base camp:

He also photographed the sherpa team he was climbing with, all of whom survived the avalanche.

And the view from the camp itself, days before the avalanche:

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