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Nigel Farage is as likely to become prime minister as we are to make alien contact this year, and more UK election odds

A race goer waits to make a bet to a bookmaker with the odds for the horses which are running in the Grand National horse race.
AP Photo/Scott Heppell
Place your bets, er, votes.
By Jason Karaian
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

If there is any uncertainty about the outcome of an event—be it in sports, politics, or life in general—Brits will bet on it. Ahead of the most unpredictable general election in a generation, you better believe that the bookies are offering odds on almost every permutation of the vote.

On the night before polls open, here are the latest odds for a range of possible outcomes, along with similarly likely events for context:

No overall majority (hung parliament) – 1/20 odds (95% probability)
… is as likely as Germany beating Gibraltar at soccer 

Conservatives to win the most seats – 1/5 (83%)
… is as likely as Prince Charles becoming the UK’s next monarch

Conservatives to win a majority of seats – 7/1 (12.5%)
…is as likely as one of David Beckham’s kids playing for Manchester United 

Labour to win the most seats – 7/2 (22%)
… is as likely as Prince William becoming the UK’s next monarch

Labour to win a majority of seats – 40/1 (2.4%)
… is as likely as Christian Bale becoming the next James Bond

SNP to win every seat in Scotland – 9/2 (18%)
… is as likely as Scott Walker winning the US Republican party presidential nomination

Nigel Farage to become the next prime minister – 100/1 (1%)
… is as likely as alien life being proven in 2015

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