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This social network only exists for discussing the weather

Reuters/Thomas Peter
In it together.
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

If you are an otaku (obsessive fan, or nerd) for all things weather, Japan has the social network for you.

WEATHERNEWS broadcasts (big surprise!) weather news 24/7 on SoLive24 specialty news channel.

Thanks to digital broadcasting technology and IP-enabled cable boxes, viewers can interact with the hosts in real time. Viewers ask questions, make comments and also share weather updates (and photos of weather) from all over Japan.

In this screenshot, more than 6,500 viewers have shared local weather conditions from all over Japan:



Announcers respond to comments in real time on-air:

The channel also provides extensive live coverage of major weather events, including the recent Typhoon Noul (Typhoon 6) that brought heavy rain to much of Japan’s eastern coastline. WEATHERNEWS set up a camera in Naha, Okinawa, live-streamed the approach of the typhoon over several hours, and uploaded the video later.

While WEATHERNEWS in Japan doesn’t seem to have a Twitter handle, you can follow the conversation, and see some great photos of weather around Japan by following the #SOLiVE24 hashtag.

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