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Reuters/Fabian Bimmer
More jobs, more money.

It’s a very, very good time to be graduating with an MBA

By Max Nisen

Master’s in business degree graduates, fresh off their commencement ceremonies, can feel pretty good this year. A survey of corporate recruiters by the organization that creates and administers the GMAT business school admission test found that more companies plan to hire MBAs than at any point in the past decade, and they’re going to pay them more than ever.

Recruiters from 84% of the companies surveyed around the world said they planned to hire newly minted or recent graduates of MBA programs this year, a big jump after several years where the number hovered in the mid to low 70% range. Of the companies who plan to hire new MBAs, 59% intend to hire more new graduates than last year:

The US is the hottest job market for graduates, but a majority and growing number of companies in every region surveyed plan to hire MBAs:

Salary levels also reached new heights, as more recruiters in the US reported a six-figure starting salary for new graduate hires for the first time in the survey’s history: