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Someone figured out how to make a dull SEC filing seem whimsical

It’s all in the numbers.
By Alice Truong
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

US Securities and Exchange Commission filings have a way of making people’s eyes glaze over. But Obvious Ventures, an investment concern started by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, managed to infuse a bit of fun into what otherwise would be a dull disclosure form.

Closing its first fund, the venture capital firm disclosed in a Form D yesterday (May 21) that it raised $123,456,789. No rounding, please.

Firm co-founder James Joaquin told VentureBeat that to accomplish this very specific feat, one of the limited partners involved “allowed us to pick those last six digits to get the number right.”

Obvious Ventures, which touts Leonardo DiCaprio as an advisor, launched in December. It invests in for-profit companies with a positive social impact, such as San Francisco-based Beyond Meat, which makes faux meat products from plant material. The company currently counts 11 startups in its portfolio.

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