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To sell a car in 2015, talk up the sound system

Car buyers care a lot about sound systems. And according to a new survey of consumers in the US, UK, Germany, and China, they’re willing to pay up for one that comes from a major brand.

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According to IHS Automotive, an analysis firm that spoke to 4,000 vehicle owners who plan to buy a new car over the next three years, two-thirds of prospective buyers said they were willing to pay for a premium audio brand, such as Sony or Bose.

Some 44% of those people said they wanted a premium system to come standard. But in the meantime, respondents in Western markets indicate they are willing to shell out more than $2,800 for a premium option, while consumers in China would pay nearly $3,200. In Western markets, it is Bose that attracts customers, while Chinese buyers lean towards Sony.

Overall, 95% of survey respondents indicated a preference for a branded sound system, and 70% of those said that the brand available would influence their decision to buy the car.

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White-label music systems may do the job, but they don’t move inventory on the dealership lot.

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