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Caitlyn Jenner just topped Barack Obama’s world record on Twitter

By Svati Kirsten Narula
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

The reality television star formerly known as Bruce Jenner acquired a million Twitter followers in a mere four hours yesterday, after posting her first tweet as @caitlyn_jenner. When US president Barack Obama debuted his new Twitter account, @POTUS, in May, it took four hours and 52 minutes before he reached the one million mark.

Today, approximately 24 hours since her first tweet, Jenner has 2.05 million followers, and Obama has 2.56 million.

Jenner’s first tweet contained no text—simply an image of Vanity Fair magazine’s July cover, featuring the first portrait of Jenner since her transformation from Bruce to Caitlyn.

“I’m not doing this to be interesting. I’m doing this to live,” Jenner told writer Buzz Bissinger in interviews for Vanity Fair. A new television series on E! is also in the works.

Jenner says she plans to leverage public attention to ”focus on ways of lowering the rates of suicide and attempted suicide in the transgender community, among other issues.”

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