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CC/Stewart Butterfield
“I feel like I’m still starting.” – Donald Antrim

Watch: Acclaimed writers reminisce about their “first time”

Jake Flanagin
By Jake Flanagin


The Paris Review, an American literary magazine known for its interviews with respected writers, recently launched a video series entitled “My First Time.” In it, lit-world heavyweights such as Christine Schutt, Sheila Heti, Donald Antrim, and Tao Lin recount the trials, tribulations, anxieties, and (occasional) triumphs of the full-time writerly life. Buried between the self-deprecation and vague maxims (“just buckle down,” etc.) are some real gems of insight any aspiring writer, artist, creative-type, or modern human being can practically apply to their own work and lives.

Check out the “My First Time” series in its entirety at, with more videos to come.

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