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Samsung has better things to do with its advertising budget then goad Apple

Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

After losing its legal battles with Apple over the infringement of seven Apple patents and being hammered with a $1 billion damages award, Samsung has decided to continue the fight in the marketing arena. Unfortunately, when you look at their just launched anti-Apple efforts, it is obvious they have failed to understand that “fanboy” Apple users, or as I refer to them on AdScam, “Apple-Tards,” are foaming at the mouth, bleeding through the eyeballs, rabid fanatics who make your average Tea-Partier look like Mr. Milk Toast.

Not only are they convinced that along with Elvis, Steve will one day return and smite the unbelievers. They instinctively know that if it has an “i” in front of it, it is not only inherently superior to everything created since man invented the wheel, they are happy to max out their credit cards and pay whatever it takes to upgrade from their current “iToy.” If any MBA marketing student wishes to reference the ultimate brand loyalty case study, they should look no further than Apple.

Take it from me, I’ve worked on Apple advertising from as far back as the launch of the Lisa. The spirit of Steve, the only CEO who ever demanded “Insanely Great Advertising” lives on… In the meantime, Samsung should apply its advertising budget toward paying off its legal bills. Because guys, you cannot possibly win this.

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