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Photos: Tokyo travelers get comfortable in the tiniest of spaces

Won Kim
Good things come in small boxes.
  • Kate Groetzinger
By Kate Groetzinger

Ideas fellow

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

In Tokyo, where the average apartment size is about 600 square feet, people know how to create comfort with little space. And in the city’s ubiquitous “capsule hotels,” a single rented room is often no bigger than a twin mattress, and can come as cheap as $10 per night. But even that isn’t too small to call home.

In the series “Enclosed: Living Small,” photographer Won Kim looks into life in one such hotel in Japan’s capital. “They may be visiting Tokyo, waiting for a job to come through, or saving money for a better place to live,” Kim writes on his website of his subjects. “In each case, the sharply-defined space and its contents tell something about its occupant’s personality, and his or her ability to function in such a strange, enclosed environment.”

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