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Amazon reviewers have a lot to say about the company’s Confederate flag merchandise

Reuters/Brian Snyder
A Confederate flag flies above a house in Summerville, South Carolina.
By Lily Kuo
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

US retailers like Walmart, Kmart and Sears have pledged to stop selling Confederate flags and related paraphernalia, but major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay have yet to pull products bearing the emblem.

A church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina that left nine black Americans dead has prompted a wave of protests over the presence of the flag, especially in the south where it is considered a symbol of southern pride for some and a potent reminder of the racism inherent in the region’s history for others.

South Carolina has said it will take the red banner with a blue X and stars down from its state capitol building. Lawmakers and protesters are calling for similar measures in other states.

Amazon and eBay, though, have remained silent on the issue. Neither company responded to e-mailed questions from Quartz about whether they will join the ban.

A search for “Confederate flag” on Amazon yields over 30,000 results—including bikinis, electronics, and home decor decorated with the flag. There’s a Confederate flag “mink” bedspread, antique-look flag iPhone covers, and even elaborate lampshades.

A search on eBay pulls up over 1,600 listings.

While these companies remain mum, Amazon customers have taken to the platform’s question and answer sections to express their thoughts. Regarding a polyester “Confederate Rebel Flag” sold by Rhode Island Novelty for $5.05, shoppers recently asked:


Some previous patrons of Rhode Island Novelty’s Confederate flags offered helpful answers:


Others told the reviewers to shut up.


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