Photos: Awe-inspiring images of the skies will make you see the weather differently

Although this year’s destructive flooding in the south of the United States left many without homes, and record-breaking blizzards in the Northeast have caused entire cities to shut down, extreme weather events can be electrifyingly beautiful. On June 16, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration proved it by releasing the stunning results of its first public photo contest. Contenders could only submit photos of the weather and of scientific forecasting tools. The winning photos below will make you rethink the skies and clouds overhead.

Professional Submissions

First place- by Brad Goddard
First place: “Stars behind the storm” by Brad Goddard, Orion, IL (Brad Goddard/NOAA)
Second place- by Brad Goddard
Second place: “A tornado churns up dust in sunset light near Traer, IA” by Brad Goddard, Orion, IL (Brad Goddard/NOAA)
Third place- by Brad Goddard
Third place: “A tornado crosses the path, Reinbeck, IA” by Brad Goddard, Orion, IL (Brad Goddard/NOAA)

Weather, Water and Climate

First place- by Conrad Stenftenagel
First place: “Snow Express” by Conrad Stenftenagel, Saint Anthony, IN (Conrad Stenftenagel/NOAA)
Second place- by Ken WilliamI
Second place: “Proton arc over Lake Superior” by Ken William, Clio, MI (Ken William/NOAA)
Third place- by Bob Larson
Third place: “With a Bang” by Bob Larson, Prescott, AZ (Bob Larson/NOAA)

Science in Action

First place- by Mike Zorger
First place: “Green Bank Telescope in WV” by Mike Zorger, Falls Church, VA (Mike Zorger/NOAA)
Second place-by Christopher Morse
Second place: “Photographer captures the aurora” by Christopher Morse, Fairbanks, AK (Christopher Morse/NOAA)
Third place- by Joseph Phillips
Third place: “Atmospheric Research Observatory” by Joseph Phillips, Boulder, CO (Joseph Phillips/NOAA)

In the iMoment

First place- by Elijah Burris
First place: “Smoky Mountains” by Elijah Burris, Canton, NC (Elijah Burris/NOAA)
Second place- by Mike Shelby
Second place: “Spring Captured: Freezing rain attempts to halt spring” by Mike Shelby, Elkridge, MD (Mike Shelby/NOAA)
Honorable mention by Christopher LeBoa
Third place: “Rolling clouds in Lake Tahoe” by Christopher LeBoa, San Leandro, CA (Christopher LeBoa/NOAA)


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