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Watch: Margaret Cho addresses Hollywood sexism and imagines an industry run by women

Jake Flanagin
By Jake Flanagin


Comedian Margaret Cho has never been one to shy away from conversations about sexism. In a new video sketch for Funny or Die, the quick-witted comic focuses her special brand of satire on Hollywood’s double standards, imagining an alternate-reality writer’s room where women set the rules. Quite literally flipping the script, Cho and a bevy of female television writers discuss the character depth (or lack thereof) of Dan the DILF—a gender-swapped version of the classic(-ally offensive) “hot wife” sitcom archetype. “Fifty-two percent of our audience is male, or whatever,” Cho sighs, “so they want us to beef up Dan’s character. Maybe give him a little hobby?”

Expertly skewering network television conventions, the group formulates a number of potential past times for One-Dimensional Dan: stand up comedy, having a “hot guy friend” who he doesn’t really talk to, or spouting meaningless catch phrases. “I’ve got a hobby for Dan,” one writer suggests. “But it’s in my pants.”

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