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McDonald’s latest plan to save itself: A slightly bigger Quarter Pounder

Reuters/Fred Prouser
Will the organic version taste as good?
Published This article is more than 2 years old.

McDonald’s seems willing to try anything to reverse its plummeting sales. Its latest reported effort: making its iconic Quarter Pounder a bit bigger than a quarter pound of meat.

The burger chain is planning to take its current 4-ounce patty (before cooking) and enlarge it to 4.25 ounces, according to a report from CNBC based on a review of an internal document. The patty will also get a new shape and will create new burger assembly procedures to give it more noticeable searing, the report says, and can be expected to start showing up “within the next month.”

As McDonald’s has watched consumers flock to newer, hipper burger chains like Shake Shack and Whataburger, it has been trying to position itself as a “progressive burger company,” as CEO Steve Easterbrook has called it over and over again. It has tried kale on the menu, a bike-friendly tote, and a new, skinny-jeans wearing Hamburglar. But so far, nothing seems to have worked.

This new version of the Quarter Pounder, according the document reviewed by CNBC, ”improves the taste, texture and appearance of the burgers” because the “patties retain more moisture resulting in a juicier and more flavorful burger.” But whether or not it will be enough to bring back customers remains to be seen.

“As (CEO) Steve Easterbrook has shared, we’re always innovating around McDonald’s food, drinks and restaurant experience based on customers’ preferences, and that includes hotter food and reviewing cooking procedures, and we’ll share more details soon,” the company said in a statement to CNBC. It did not immediately return Quartz’s request for comment.

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