Donald Trump is now at second place in the Republican campaign, thanks to old and conservative Americans

With all the backlash to Donald Trump calling Mexicans “rapists” and criminals—both NBC and Macy’s cut all ties with the real estate mogul—it would appear that the real estate developer-turned-reality star’s presidential campaign has gotten off to a poor start.

But the polls seem to say otherwise. According to a new poll released by CNN today, The Donald has surged ahead of the rest of the pack since his official announcement, and is currently at second place behind the frontrunner, Jeb Bush.

In the polling of registered Republicans and conservative-leaning independents, 12% said they support Trump for president, behind Bush’s 19% but ahead of both Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s 6%. Walker and Rubio are considered to be attractive young candidates for the Republican nomination and both had polled in the top five of the two previous CNN polls. That is, until The Donald jumped in.

To the surprise of no one, Trump’s stronghold appears to be with older and far-right Americans. Since entering the race, Trump leads the entire field in support from Americans 65 and older, with 19%, compared to Bush’s 13% and Walker’s third-place 10%. Trump’s support among those who identified as conservative also led the pack at 12%, putting him in a dead heat with Bush.

But not all the polling offered good news to the Trump campaign. The CNN poll asked all respondents to say who they would vote for if the general election was between Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton and one of five potential Republican nominees. Clinton came out significantly ahead in all five hypothetical head-to-head match ups, but Trump fared the worst among his GOP rivals: Matched against her, only 34% professed their support for Trump, while 59% preferred Clinton.

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