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Tesla might soon face a Chinese competitor inspired by “Knight Rider”

Youxia Motors
The Youxia X.
By Steve Mollman
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Tesla might be getting some Chinese competition.

Youxia Motors
Youxia hits the stage.

According to CarNewsChina, a Shanghai-based company called Youxia Motors recently showed off an electric vehicle that will be priced between 200,000-300,000 yuan ($32,200-48,300), factoring in a government subsidy of 9,000 yuan for green cars.

Called the Youxia X, the vehicle will reportedly go into production late next year, with deliveries beginning in early 2017, and have a range of 220-460 km (137-286 miles), depending on the battery type consumers select.

AP Photo/Reed Saxon
Tesla’s Model S.

Though it bears a striking resemblance to the high-end Tesla Model S, it’s meant to compete against Tesla’s upcoming Model 3, due out in 2018 with a range of 200 miles and a starting price of around $35,000.

Huang Xiuyuan, the 28-year-old CEO of the little-known company, drew inspiration from Knight Rider, the futuristic 1980s American TV series starring David Hasselhoff and featuring KITT, a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am equipped with artificial intelligence. The Youxia X features a grille with a customizable display that’s capable of showing a sweeping red light—similar to KITT’s in the show.

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