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Build one hell of a midcentury bar cart from actual “Mad Men” props

Mad Men, auction, props
Jamie Trueblood/AMC
To be fair, it looks like lunchtime.
  • Jenni Avins
By Jenni Avins

senior lifestyle correspondent

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

An auction of more than a thousand props from Mad Men will go live July 31, giving fans the chance to bid on everything from Stan’s bongos and Ken’s eyepatch to Megan’s wedding ring and Don’s Cadillac Coupe de Ville. The Cadillac is cool, to be sure, but perhaps none of the items up for auction embodies the desirable (and perhaps more affordable) side of Mad Men culture more than the bar carts and their trappings.

Some characters’ drinking may have bordered on self-destructive, but those well-stocked little wheeled tables just made it look so civilized. Whether at home or in the office, who could turn down a tumbler of Canadian Club or Stoli, poured from a crystal carafe, well before noon?

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Rather than opt for a version to approximate the midcentury spirit so inspired by the show—and the options are many, from West Elm to 1stDibs—you can choose from the original carts used by Don, Roger, Megan, Ginsberg, Ken, and Joan. (Joan’s apartment and office carts are both available).

Michael Yarish/AMC
Megan keeps it casual.

And they are impressive. Don’s even has a working flat-top burner, which seems smart for making, say, mini grilled cheeses, as one should never drink on an empty stomach. You can stock your cart with trays, glasses, ice buckets, and outrageous tool sets from the auction. If your style is more Tiki than martini, there’s even a drinking bowl and menu from Trader Vic’s to inspire.

Who needs a water cooler?

The carts

Mad Men characters’ bar carts, clockwise from top left: Don, Joan (apartment), Joan (office), Megan, Ken, Roger.

The glassware

Mad Men characters’ glassware, clockwise from top left: Roger, Don, Ken, Peggy, Roger, Don.

The bar sets

Mad Men characters’ bar tools, clockwise from top left: Don, Bert, Jim, Roger, Roger, Pete.

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