A mystery drone dropped a load of heroin and marijuana into an Ohio prison yard

Amazon may be getting ready to test drone deliveries, but some prison inmates in Ohio are already on it. A package containing drugs was dropped by a drone last week at the Mansfield Correctional Institution in Ohio, sparking a fight among the prisoners

The delivery contained 64.5 grams of marijuana, 6.6 grams of heroin and 144.5 grams of tobacco, according to the Mansfield News Journal.

“We have had other instances of unmanned aerial systems breaching security,” JoEllen Smith of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction told the paper. “The agency’s top security administrators are taking a broad approach to increase awareness and detection of unmanned aerial systems.”

The prison’s security cameras detected the drone over one of the prison yards, where it dropped the package. After an inmate picked it up, a brawl ensued, requiring corrections guards to deploy pepper spray. Following the incident, 205 inmates were strip-searched, and nine were placed in solitary confinement as punishment.

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