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The Premier League is back. Celebrate by tweeting your team’s emoji

Chelsea celebrates winning Barclays Premier League.
Reuters/Reuters Staff
Time to celebrate.
By Matt Gibbons
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

The English Premier League starts again today—and soccer fans can express their love for their team on Twitter, which is now offering emoji for all teams. Using the emjoi is as simple as hashtagging an abbreviation for your favorite team.

Typing #CFC, for example, brings up a bite-size version of the Chelsea logo, like so:

And, as you can see, using #BPLkickoff generates a Premier League trophy emoji—even though there is no such thing as the BPL. Technically, these are not emoji, which are set by the Unicode Consortium and displayed as text characters. These “emoji” are actually images and only work on Twitter with use with the hastags.

If you prefer American football to footie, there’s already a slew of third-party emoji ready for NFL-centric tweets. And the MLB used specially designed Twitter emojis to let fans vote for the final spots on the baseball all-star teams.

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