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Usain Bolt
EPA/Wu Hong

Watch Usain Bolt’s epic performance in the World Championship 100-meter final

Adam Epstein
By Adam Epstein

Entertainment reporter

Some say Usain Bolt is the fastest man to ever live. At the very least, he’s the most accomplished sprinter in world history, having dominated the 100-meter race for the better part of a decade. But the Jamaican “Lightning Bolt” hasn’t been his usual supersonic self as of late after some time away from the sport and a series of injuries allowed American Justin Gatlin to overtake him as the world’s best 100-m runner (Gatlin was banned from the sport for doping from 2006 until 2010.)

But that has ended.

Bolt came from behind to oust Gatlin and win the 100-m final at the World Championships in Beijing today (Aug. 23). The winning time of 9.79 seconds was a far cry from Bolt’s record of 9.58, but it was still a brilliant performance. Bolt broke slowly before picking up speed and edging Gatlin by a nose.

Gatlin received the silver medal, while American Trayvon Bromell and Canadian Andre de Grasse tied for bronze at 9.92 seconds. The rivalry between Bolt and Gatlin will intensify as we head to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, but for now, The Bolt is back on top.

EPA/Wu Hong
EPA/Jeon Heon-Kyun
EPA/How Hwee Young
EPA/Srdjan Suki
EPA/Srdjan Suki
EPA/Rolex de la Pena


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