The most common surnames of new entrepreneurs in Italy are Hu, Chen, and Singh

One of the arguments some Italians use to justify their opposition to immigration is that, in a country struggling with rampant unemployment, foreigners “steal Italians’ jobs” (link in Italian). But consider this: according to data collected by the chamber of commerce, the most common surnames of new entrepreneurs creating jobs in seven of the country’s biggest regions are not Italian.

According to the research, published by Italian newspaper La Repubblica (link in Italian), lots of entrepreneurs in the country who started companies from January 2015 have surnames like Hu, Chen, Singh, Hossain, Zhang, and Wang. Rossi, Italy’s most common surname, ranks fourth in the list:


In the commercial capital of Milan, the results are even more stark: the first Italian surname to appear in the rankings, Colombo, sits at 20th among new company founders.

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