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Reuters/Robert Galbraith
Tough time to be a Chipotle lover.

Good news for Chipotle carnitas lovers: Your nightmare is almost over

Chipotle says pork is back on the menu at 90% of its nearly 2,000 restaurants. By November, 11 months after “The Great Carnitas Shortage of 2015” began, the popular fast-casual restaurant chain expects all its restaurants to be serving the slow-cooked pork known as carnitas again.

Chipotle has been unable to supply enough pork to its restaurants since discovering that one of its pork producers was violating its ethical protocols for raising and butchering animals. After cutting ties with that producer, whom it did not name, Chipotle had to look elsewhere to find enough pork to meet consumer demand.

In July, the company announced it had begun sourcing pork from Karro Farms in the United Kingdom, and it’s taken this long since then to fill the gap.

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