​What if Bollywood superstars from the 90s were on Tinder

Quartz india
Quartz india

Bollywood stars have always been trendsetters in India. Lately, the likes of Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan have motivated several Indian men to achieve waxed torsos and chiseled six packs. But there was a time when Bollywood’s leading men were known for their thick chest hair and generous midriffs.

What if these superstars of yesteryears arrived on Tinder? What kind of profile pictures would they use, and what would their Tinder bio look like?

Inspired by a Buzzfeed post, Abhisek Das, a Bengaluru-based graphic designer, has created Tinder profiles for several Bollywood male stars from the 80s and 90s. These (fake) Tinder profiles celebrate everything the era was known for—copious body hair, flashy clothes, and bizarre hairstyles.

For each actor, Das, 23, has handpicked a photo, written a bio and selected a location (gym in the case of Sunil Shetty). The interests for each actor are related to their famous on-screen roles (for instance, badminton for Jeetendra).

Here is a look at Tinder trapped in another era:

Sunny Deol.
Sunny Deol. (Abhisek Das)
Sunil Shetty.
Sunil Shetty. (Abhisek Das)
Shakti Kapoor.
Shakti Kapoor. (Abhisek Das)
Ranjeet. (Abhisek Das)
Jeetendra. (Abhisek Das)
Jackie Shroff.
Jackie Shroff. (Abhisek Das)
Govinda. (Abhisek Das)
Anil Kapoor. (Abhisek Das)
Akshay Kumar.
Akshay Kumar. (Abhisek Das)
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