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Models present creations by Rick Owens during the 2016 Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection fashion show, on October 1, 2015 in Paris.
Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images
Better than a neck pillow for sleeping on the plane.

This high-fashion designer dressed models in other models

By Marc Bain

Models on high-fashion runways are expected to maintain a level of stone-faced composure. Some uncomfortable footwear or restrictive clothing aside, it’s often not too difficult. But designer Rick Owens was determined to test his cast’s sangfroid with his latest show.

Several of his models came down the runway today (Oct. 1) with other models strapped to them. Posed in just about every permutation you could imagine, the models being “worn” hung motionlessly while their carriers bore them down the runway. Many butts were in the air, and in their carriers’ faces.

Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images
Hang on.

Others draped down their bearers’ torsos, legs curled over their shoulders. Some faced forward, arms and legs extending stiffly outward.

Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images
Looks kind of fun, actually.

The models didn’t always look like they were exactly thrilled with the arrangement, but still they marched on.

And at least one got the pleasure of being worn like a backpack.

Was it a literal objectification of women, as comment on how they’re often treated? A tribute to women who support other women?

Maybe, maybe not. But he was likely referencing Fergus Greer’s portrait of transgressive performance artist Leigh Bowery.

Owens is a prankster, and he likes to push buttons. This was the guy, after all, who broke the taboo of frontal male nudity on the runway by sending out guys with peepholes in their frocks for fall. Some of the clothes he designs are nice, too. But they were hard to notice amid all the miraculously self-possessed tandem runway walkers.