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It’s now easier than ever to access over 8,000 photos from every Apollo mission to the moon

Flickr/Project Apollo Archive
Say cheese.
By Josh Horwitz
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Stargazers, rejoice: more than 8,000 images from NASA’s missions to the moon have been uploaded to Flickr.

The Project Apollo Archive features almost every photograph shot by astronauts on manned Apollo missions. The photos have been registered under the public domain, so they can be downloaded and repurposed by anyone for any reason.

The images have actually been available online since 1999, but not in a very user-friendly format. Archivist Kipp League steadily collected the images released by NASA and other organizations, posting them to two rather retro websites. (For what it’s worth, he also maintains extensive online photo collections of Virginia and the sets of the Andy Griffith Show.)

Last week, League finally rolled his images over to Facebook, in addition to Flickr. Enjoy!

Apollo 17 – Earth
Apollo 17 – Lunar orbit, LM inspection
Apollo 9 – Earth orbit, LM test flight
Apollo 7
Apollo 17 – Lunar orbit
Apollo 9 – Earth orbit
Apollo 9 – Earth orbit
Apollo 15 – Lunar surface

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