Tim Cook goes into Apple stores whenever he feels depressed: “It’s like a Prozac”

Apple CEO Tim Cook has an awesome job, he said at today’s Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference. But even the CEO of what is often the world’s most valuable company can have an off day, and when he does, he heads to the nearest Apple store.

“If I ever find myself dropping down from an excited level, I go into a store,” said Cook. “It’s like a Prozac or something. It’s unbelievable the energy in there, to talk to our customers and employees. It’s a feeling like no other.”

One wonders whether Cook is ever recognized on his secret shopper trips to his own stores, and if being mobbed like The Beatles is a part of the thrill. He also noted that the average Apple store produced $50 million in revenue in 2012. “Who would have thought a store could do that?” he marveled.

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