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Photos: Kaleidoscopic images of seasonal fruits and vegetables for every month

Caitlin Levin/Henry Hargreaves
The bounty of summer.
By Deena Shanker
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

If you think vegetables are boring, get ready to have your mind blown.

Artists Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves’ new series, Food Scans, is a collection of twelve prints of fruits and vegetables, one for each month of the year. As they explain on their website, the pair uses mirror imaging to explore “symmetry, natural beauty, and the way imperfections and inconsistencies often become the most breathtaking examples of nature’s artistry.”

Levin told Quartz that the team spent a full year making the collection, sourcing produce across the US states. “Each month we would source things that were in season locally, and then the rest was just playing and arranging,” she says.

With all the world’s fruits and vegetables available in American supermarkets summer and winter alike, these images are a gorgeous reminder of what seasonal food really looks like: peaches and peas in June, enoki mushrooms and eggplants in October, asparagus and artichokes in March. And while this will vary depending on location, that is part of the fun, too. 

Test your seasonal food literacy with a selection of images below. See the rest here.

Caitlin Levin/Henry Hargreaves


Caitlin Levin/Henry Hargreaves


Caitlin Levin/Henry Hargreaves


Caitlin Levin/Henry Hargreaves


Caitlin Levin/Henry Hargreaves


Caitlin Levin/Henry Hargreaves


Caitlin Levin/Henry Hargreaves

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