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Instagram filters like Amaro, Reyes, and Valencia are on the rise…as baby names

Reuters/Ronen Zvulun
I shall name thee: X-Pro II.
  • Thu-Huong Ha
By Thu-Huong Ha


This article is more than 2 years old.

Get back, Khaleesi. Willow is coming.

Newly-released data from parenting site BabyCenter suggests that the time-honored tradition of naming your baby for transient moments in pop culture is still strong in 2015.

This year, a growing number of US babies share names with Instagram filters like Ludwig, Reyes, Juno, and that warmth-inducing favorite, Valencia.

BabyCenter collected names of over 340,000 US babies born in 2015 to parents who are registered with the site. Based on Quartz’s calculations, the name Juno is up 116% from 2014, while Valencia is up 38%. That change is particularly striking if you look at growth in last year’s most popular (non-Instagram) baby names: High-ranking names like Sophia and Emma actually decreased from 2014, with only the popular male name Jackson growing, by 5.4%.

We can’t say for sure that Instagram filters are the lone causes of these name choices—Juno, for example, was also the name of a popular movie (indeed, about pregnancy) released in 2007. Yet one trend does seem particularly strong: the name Valencia has seen a 72.5% increase on BabyCenter since its launch as an Instagram filter in 2011.

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