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See how Europe’s newspapers are playing the Italian election mess

  • Kevin J. Delaney
By Kevin J. Delaney

Founding editor

EuropePublished This article is more than 2 years old.

Here’s a selection of front pages from European newspapers reacting to the stalemate in Italy’s election.

Kleine Zeitung (Graz, Austria): “Neighbor in distress”

Kurier (Vienna, Austria): “Italy becomes ungovernable”

De Morgen (Brussels, Belgium): “Berlusconi holds Italy hostage”

Neue Westfälische (Bielefeld, Germany): “Stalemate endangers euro union”

Ara (Barcelona, Spain): “Ungovernable”

L’Arena (Verona, Italy): “Italy, what now?”

Heilbronner Stimme (Heilbronn, Germany): “Italian election ignites euro crisis”

Bonus: the website of Bild (Germany): “Will they break our euro now?”

Thanks to the excellent Newseum site that hosts newspaper front pages from around the world.

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