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Ralph D. Freso/Reuters
Load ’em up.

Amazon has more than doubled the size of its warehouse staff for the holidays

Ashley Rodriguez
By Ashley Rodriguez


Staffing up during the holidays is common in retail. But when you’re Amazon, anticipating a flood of holiday orders from customers who expect their items to be delivered in a day or two, it takes on a whole new meaning.

This holiday season, Amazon hired enough temporary workers to more than double the size of its year-round warehouse staff.

The e-commerce giant announced plans in October to bring on 100,000 temporary workers for the holiday season, and a spokesperson for the company told Quartz that the e-tailer has more than met its hiring goal.

The new short-term workers augment Amazon’s more than 90,000 regular, full-time staffers across the company’s 70 warehouses and shipping centers, Amazon said.